Commercial Cleaning

Professional commercial cleaning in Melbourne and Brisbane

Maintaining a perfectly clean workplace is essential for staff wellbeing and your bottom line but achieving it without professional help isn’t easy. The good news is, for professional commercial cleaning services in Melbourne or office cleaning at Brisbane, you can rely on the team at Perfectly Clean.

Our flexible, affordable commercial cleaning service will be tailored to your budget and needs and delivered by our friendly, experienced cleaning team.

Office Cleaning

Maintaining a perfectly clean and hygienic medical facility is vital for staff, patients and visitors. Perfectly Clean offers highly specialised clinical, hospital and medical centre cleaning throughout Melbourne and Brisbane.


Medical Centre Cleaning

We deliver expert clinical, hospital and medical centre cleaning to minimise the spread of germs and bacteria and uphold your reputation. Our expert medical cleaners are fully trained in OH&S and well-versed in relevant Australian health guidelines and standards. Our cleaners use safe, highly effective eco-friendly cleaning products and premium commercial cleaning equipment that deliver a thorough clean every time. All our experienced medical cleaners are trustworthy, respectful and discreet.


Gym Cleaning

Busy gyms and fitness centres are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. That's why maintaining a perfectly clean and sanitary environment is vital for your reputation and your clients' health. If you need expert fitness centre cleaning in Melbourne or Brisbane, look no further than Perfectly Clean.


Hospitality Cleaning

Restaurants, cafes and foodservice businesses need a specialised level of cleanliness to avoid public health issues and keep customers coming back. For a hospitability cleaning service provider with an exceptional level of attention and care, you can trust the team at Perfectly Clean. All our hospitality cleaners are friendly, experienced and fully trained in relevant health and safety guidelines. Our cleaners also use industrial grade cleaning equipment and safe, eco-friendly cleaning products.


Construction & Factory Cleaning

A clean and tidy factory floor is essential for OH&S and workplace safety and to ensure that production processes aren’t disrupted. We offer specialised factory cleaning in Melbourne. When it comes to cleaning factories and other manufacturing operations, we know each business is different. Sensitive equipment and production processes, safety concerns, OH&S regulations and security protocols must all be factored into the cleaning process. If you’re looking for specialised construction cleaning in Melbourne or factory cleaning in Melbourne, then contact Perfectly Clean. Our friendly team is ready to give you a free quote, discuss your cleaning needs or organise an on-site inspection and custom cleaning plan.


Strata & Body Corporate Cleaning

For reliable strata and body corporate cleaning services in Melbourne and Brisbane, you can’t beat Perfectly Clean. As a leading cleaning company, we can provide a comprehensive range of affordable strata and body corporate cleaning services tailored to your needs.


Childcare Cleaning

Our specialised childcare and kindergarten cleaners will help you maintain a clean and hygienic environment for the little ones to learn and play in. Your cleaning plan will be tailored to your needs and can include a mix of regular and periodic cleaning tasks. We only send cleaners trained in health, safety and security and with a current Working with Children Check. Our childcare cleaners also use only premium commercial cleaning equipment and safe cleaning products that remove germs and other bacteria effectively.


Industrial Cleaning

Our professional industrial cleaners have the know-how to deliver a specialised cleaning service you can rely on, with training on OH&S regulations and security protocols. Before we start any cleaning service, we carry out a thorough inspection of your premises and work with you to understand your specific cleaning needs. Then we develop a custom cleaning plan that guarantees you receive the service you need at a competitive rate.


School Cleaning

Perfectly Clean offers specialised school cleaning services across Melbourne and Brisbane. As a leading school cleaning company, we provide a comprehensive range of tailored school cleaning solutions at affordable prices. We’ll work with you to create a customised cleaning program that suits your business and budget. We also provide 24/7 cleaning services, which means we can find a cleaning time that won’t disrupt your class schedules, staff or students.


Retail Store/Showroom Cleaning

Whatever type of retail business you operate, maintaining a clean and tidy environment is vital to your reputation. For a premium retail cleaning service in Melbourne or Brisbane, you can count on the team at Perfectly Clean. We’ll make your retail store or showroom perfectly clean and tidy, so you can make a positive first impression on your customers.


If you have any questions about our commercial cleaning services or want to arrange a custom quote, contact our friendly customer service representatives today on 1300 553 442 or online.