Franchise Process

Why Commercial Cleaning?

Already have a job and work during office hours? or are studying during the day? Great! Perfectly Clean is perfect for you!

Most of our commercial cleaning is after hours and has a flexible start and finish time. As long as you do the work before the office opens the next day, we and the clients are happy!

Commercial Cleaning is a fantastic option for friends and family to join together and build a business by choosing contracts that suit your lifestyle.

Some Benefits:

  • Expand by purchasing contracts that suit your needs
  • Professional  working environment
  • Usually clean at a time that suits you
  • Most contracts require only simple equipment
  • Monthly invoicing managed by us
  • Unlimited earning potential

Commercial cleaning will allow you to run full time, part time or somewhere in between.

Simply fill out the franchise form and request to be added to our list.

Then, whenever a new contract is available, we will send you an email with the following information:

  1. Suburb of the contract
  2. The income per year
  3. The approximate hours per week
  4. The equipment required to run the contract successfully
  5. The cost of the contract

How long does it take to start earning money?

Australian Law (The franchise code of conduct) states that you must wait 14 days before signing your franchise agreement, which means a 3 week minimum wait.  Your induction and training can be done at your new site which will help you to earn money faster.  You get paid from day one of your franchise commencement, including training.

What contracts are available?

We publish a weekly email which you can see to the right hand side of this page. Please enter your details and we will automatically add you to the list. You can remove yourself anytime.

What are the costs?

You buy the contract for the advertised price (all contracts are different, depending on the income). A 10% monthly fee is payable to head office which pays for your support and invoicing to the client. You will need insurance (we have excellent rates available) and your own equipment. Equipment requirements will vary but are always listed on the contracts for sale. Usually, a minimum of a back pack vacuum, mop, bucket. You will need to use our chemicals.

Please complete the form to the right to be added to our list of contracts.  You will receive a list every week.

If you wish to discuss the business further, please phone Tony Richter (Managing Director) or on 0455 662 688 (office hours only please)


Control your future with a Perfectly Clean franchise.