Gym Cleaning

Gym Cleaning



Busy gyms and fitness centres are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. That's why maintaining a perfectly clean and sanitary environment is vital for your reputation and your clients' health. If you need expert fitness centre cleaning in Melbourne or Brisbane, look no further than Perfectly Clean.


As a leading gym cleaning service provider, we have a team of specialist cleaners to ensure your gym is clean and sanitary. Our cleaners are trained in OHS and the relevant guidelines and come equipped with top-quality industrial cleaning equipment that delivers a meticulous result every time.


If you want to make a positive impression on your clients, make the switch to Perfectly Clean today.


Why Choose Perfectly Clean?


  • Eco-friendly products: We can use vegetable-based cleaning products that are safe for people and the environment.

  • Experienced and trustworthy cleaners: Our cleaners are professional, discreet, efficient and will not disrupt your clients or business operations.

  • Customised cleaning plan: To ensure you the precision cleaning you're looking for, we'll create a customised commercial cleaning in Melbourne plan based on your needs and budget.
  • Flexible times: We offer 24/7 gym cleaning to ensure our cleaning doesn't disrupt your clients and staff.

  • Excellent customer service: You’ll have a dedicated client service manager you can quickly contact for all enquiries, feedback and cleaning plan changes. You can even use our client app to communicate with our team in real time.

  • Budget-friendly pricing: We have some of the most competitive pricing in Melbourne and Brisbane.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you're not happy with our cleaning, we'll redo the job for free.

Gym Cleaning


Depending on your needs, your gym cleaning service can include:


  • Cleaning and disinfecting all equipment and surfaces

  • Bathroom, toilet and changeroom cleaning

  • Surface and air deodorising

  • Window and mirror cleaning

For added convenience, we also provide professional carpet steam cleaning, general handyman services, laundering services and more.


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For specialised gym and fitness centre cleaning in Melbourne or Brisbane, look no further than the trusted team at Perfectly Clean. Our friendly customer service representatives can give you a free quote, discuss your cleaning needs or organise an on-site inspection. Give us a call today on 1300 553 442 or contact us online.