Perfectly Clean will allocate one of our trusted franchisees to look after your commercial space. You will have direct contact information for them and can ask them any questions directly about your cleaning. You will be introduced to the cleaner when we orientate them to your site and will be given full contact details.

Trust is one of the most important factors for you as a valued customer and us as a reputable company. All franchisees must provide a National Police Clearance certificate every 18 months.

Yes! Each franchisee must hold $10 Million Public Liability as well as key and breakage insurance. We ask for evidence of their current insurance each year.

All commercial keys are kept on individual Lanyards with no personal or company information left on the tags. Our insurance policy will cover lost keys and change of locks if it ever happened, however the cleaners are required to leave the lanyards around their necks the whole time and must put the keys into a secure location after completion.

We will negotiate these periods directly with you, however if we do not hear from you, then we will clean as normal on those days (no extra fees for public holidays). Often, this is the best time to do periodical cleaning tasks that are done once or twice a year.

When we come out to see your office, we can talk about your needs regarding a detailed first clean. If your office space is a bit dusty and the floors have been slightly under done, we can usually fix that over the first month or two without any charge. However, some offices need a really good clean (finger marks on walls, floors are dirty and workstations covered in dust, in these situations its normally better to work out an initial clean before the regular service commences.

The minimum frequency is once per week so as long as you require this or greater frequency, we would love to help you.

Yes, we will provide quality equipment and supplies to manage the cleaning including:

  • Quality, industrial vacuums
  • Turbo head attachment for all carpet and rugs (if required)
  • Freshly laundered cloths for all areas
  • Anti-bacterial mops
  • Environmentally friendly citrus based, commercial standard products
  • Any large equipment such as floor polishers, scrubbers as required.
  • Any consumables (hand towel, soap dispensers, etc can be supplied if required)

Perfectly Clean is committed to only using products that are natural and have minimal impact on the environment. We will give recommendations to you regarding the products we would supply and will ensure that it meets with your organisational objectives and policy.
Our main cleaning products are manufactured from pure citrus-oils, 100% non-toxic without any phosphates. In fact, our citrus products fully biodegrade in less than 48 hours. The benefits are a clean home that smells great and is completely safe for the entire Office.

Due to the nature of our business, we are available when you want us! We don’t put any limits on times and days, just let us know and we will work the rest out.

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