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Warehouse Cleaning- How to get the best quote?

Cleaning a warehouse requires a different approach than cleaning an office building or home. With large, open floor plans and often high ceilings, warehouses can collect significant dust and debris. Forklifts, heavy equipment, and truck traffic also present unique cleaning challenges not found in other environments.   

Warehouse Cleaning

Getting multiple quotes is critical when choosing a warehouse cleaning company. Prices, services, and contracts can vary widely between providers. Since cleaning takes place after hours, you also want to ensure the company is trustworthy with access to your facility. Taking the time upfront to evaluate multiple options will pay off in the long run with lower costs and better results.  


The warehouse environment and intensive use patterns demand robust cleaning protocols. Evaluating different vendors carefully will help you find the right partner or a right warehouse cleaners to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy workplace. This article provides helpful guidance on getting the best quote from warehouse cleaning services.  


Define Your Cleaning Needs for Warehouse Cleaning


When getting quotes for warehouse cleaning, you'll first want to define and communicate exactly what your cleaning needs are. Warehouses can have many different areas that require cleaning such as:  


  1. Floors - Sweeping and mopping concrete floors. Removing oil/grease stains.  


  1. Walls - Wiping down walls, removing cobwebs. Cleaning interior and exterior walls.   


  1. Windows - Interior and exterior window washing.  


  1. Bathrooms - Cleaning sinks, toilets, mirrors. Restocking paper products and soap.   


  1. Break Rooms - Cleaning tables, appliances, sinks. Taking out trash.  

  1. Offices - Dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash. Cleaning desks, chairs, and electronics.  

  1. Racks & Shelving - Dusting racks. Cleaning spills on shelving.  

  1. Equipment - Cleaning forklifts, pallet jacks, other powered equipment.  

  1. Outdoor Areas - Sweeping docks. Cleaning loading bays. Litter removal.  

You'll also want to specify any special cleaning requirements like:  


- Using certain chemicals or cleaning solutions  

- Cleaning around sensitive equipment   

- Having certified sanitation processes  

- Needing outdoor pressure washing  

- Handling hazardous materials clean-up  


Clearly communicating all your warehouse cleaning needs will allow companies or your warehouse cleaners to provide accurate quotes.  


Get Quotes From At Least 3 Companies  


When looking to hire a warehouse cleaning service, it's important to get quotes from multiple companies before making a decision. Experts generally recommend reaching out to at least 3 different cleaning companies to compare options. This allows you to see the range of pricing and services available in your area.  


Be sure to get quotes from both local cleaning companies as well as larger national chains. Local companies may offer more personalised service and flexible scheduling, while national chains can leverage economies of scale to offer competitive pricing. We Perfectly clean and are good at Warehouse cleaning and you can expect us to deliver only good results. 


When reaching out for quotes, look at online reviews and reputation for each company. Check sites like Yelp and Google to see what past clients have said. Look for companies with a solid history of satisfied customers. Beware of companies with many negative reviews, as this could indicate potential issues with service quality or business practices.  


Getting multiple quotes allows you to ask questions and clarify exactly what is included upfront. Be sure to get quotes for the same scope of services, so you can accurately compare pricing between providers. With a bit of research, you'll be able to find the best warehouse cleaning company for your needs and budget.  

How to get the best quote for your warehouse cleaning ? 

  1. Compare Services Offered

  2. Enquire about their Process

  3. Compare Pricing & Contracts

  4. Green Cleaning Options

  5. Inquire about Insurance and Licensing

  6. Request & Check references

  7. Go for a Informed Decision

Before all of that, don’t forget to go through the above mentioned two processes for your Warehouse Cleaning. Happy hunting for a good cleaning and reliable partner. 

Compare Services Offered  

When comparing quotes, be sure to look closely at the services each cleaning company provides. Make a list of all the services you need, such as:  


- Dusting   

- Vacuuming  

- Mopping  

- Restroom cleaning  

- Window washing  

- Floor waxing/buffing etc.   

Then compare that to the services listed in each company's quote. Some providers offer basic cleaning services, while others specialise in deep cleaning.   


Basic cleaning usually includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, restroom cleaning, and emptying trash. Deep cleaning provides a more thorough scrub down of the entire facility, including tasks like wiping down walls and baseboards, cleaning ceiling vents and fans, scrubbing floors on hands and knees, and cleaning the inside of windows.  


If there are specialty cleaning tasks you need done, like pressure washing or carpet cleaning, make sure to ask each company if they offer those services or if you'd need to hire separate vendors. Some full-service cleaning companies will handle all cleaning requirements for a facility.  


Getting quotes that clearly outline the exact services included will allow you to accurately compare what you'll be getting from each provider. Make sure you understand what is covered in basic vs deep cleaning packages before making a decision.  


 Ask About Their Process  


When getting a quote for warehouse cleaning services, it's important to ask about their cleaning process and methods. This will give you insight into how thorough and effective they will be. Some key things to inquire about include:  


A. Cleaning Methods   


- Do they use manual cleaning or power washing for the floors and other surfaces? Power washing is generally more efficient for large warehouse spaces.  


- What types of industrial cleaning equipment do they utilise - walk behind scrubbers, ride-on sweepers, pressure washers etc? Modern equipment can clean faster and more thoroughly.  


- Do they use green cleaning products? Using environmentally-friendly soaps and detergents is better for employee health.  


- What cleaning techniques do they use for shelving, racking, machinery etc? Specialised techniques may be needed for different warehouse elements.  


- How often will various areas be cleaned - daily, weekly, monthly? Frequency needed depends on warehouse use.  


 B. Employee Training  


- What type of training do cleaning employees receive? Properly trained staff will provide better service.  


- Are employees trained on safety procedures? This is crucial in an industrial environment.  


- Are they trained on proper use of cleaning techniques and equipment? This ensures correct methods are followed.  


- Do they receive ongoing training? Cleaning techniques and products are evolving, so updated training is useful.  


- Are there supervisor spot checks to ensure proper work? This helps guarantee consistent quality.  


Asking for details on their warehouse cleaning process will provide insight into the quality of service you can expect to receive. Scrutinising their methods, equipment, and employee training can help you find the best cleaning partner for your facility's needs.  


 Compare Pricing and Contracts  


When comparing quotes, pay close attention to the pricing structure and contracts. Warehouse cleaning services typically charge either an hourly rate or a monthly flat fee. Consider which option makes more sense for your needs.  


Hourly rates allow you to pay for exactly how much cleaning is done each month. This provides more flexibility if your cleaning needs fluctuate. However, it can be hard to estimate costs. Rates are usually around $30-50 per hour.  


Monthly contracts provide more predictable costs, but less flexibility. You pay the same amount each month, regardless of actual cleaning time. Contracts range from $500 per month for basic cleaning to $2,000+ for intensive services.  


Watch out for hidden fees and charges in the quotes. Some companies will quote a low rate upfront, then tack on charges for things like equipment, supplies, fuel surcharges, and more. Ask for full transparency on what is included in the base quote versus what incurs additional fees.   


Specifically ask if taxes and insurance are included in the pricing. Make sure overtime fees and emergency cleaning rates are clearly stated as well. Scrutinise the contract terms to avoid surprises.  


Consider Green Cleaning Options  


Going green with your warehouse cleaning service can benefit your business in several ways. Eco-friendly cleaners are gentler on employees' health, reducing exposure to harsh chemicals and fumes. They're also safer for the environment, avoiding toxic runoff into waterways.   


Many businesses aim to get Green Seal or LEED certification for their warehouses. This involves using certified green cleaners, implementing sustainable practices like recycling programs, and conserving resources like energy and water. To qualify, you'll need to work with a cleaning company that offers comprehensive green services.  


The right partner can help audit your current operations and suggest improvements to meet certification standards. For example, they may switch to microfiber cloths and mops to reduce chemical use. Or provide hands-on training to their staff on methods like vacuum sweeping versus blowing debris.   


While green cleaning may involve some upfront investment, it leads to long-term savings from efficiency, healthier employees with less absenteeism, and positive public perception. Going green takes commitment but pays dividends for your business, employees and the environment.  


 Inquire About Insurance and Licensing  


When selecting a warehouse cleaning service, it's crucial to make sure they are properly licensed and insured. You'll want to verify they have general liability insurance, workers compensation coverage, and any state or local licences required for commercial cleaning services.   


Specifically, ask to see proof of their insurance certificates. Their general liability policy should have at least $1 million in coverage and name your company as an additional insured. This protects you from liability if a worker is injured on your property.   


Workers compensation coverage is also essential to protect both the cleaning company employees and your business. Get proof that workers comp is active.  


For licensing, requirements vary based on your state and municipality. Many areas require cleaning companies to register and obtain a local business licence to operate legally. Ask for their licence number and verify it with your state or city department.   


Checking insurance and licences takes a bit of legwork upfront but is crucial to protecting your warehouse, inventory, and brand. This due diligence ensures the cleaning crew working in your facility is authorised to provide services and properly insured for any potential risks. You'll have peace of mind knowing you and your business are covered.  


 Request and Check References  


When requesting a quote for warehouse cleaning services, be sure to ask the company for 2-3 references from current clients. Checking references is crucial to vetting a potential cleaning partner and gaining insights into their quality of service.   


Reach out to the references provided and inquire about their experience working with the cleaning company. Ask questions such as:  


- How long have you used this company's services?  

- Have you been consistently satisfied with the quality of their cleaning?   

- Does the company clean thoroughly and meet expectations?  

- Are the cleaners professional, reliable, and trustworthy?  

- Would you recommend this company?  


Speaking directly with a cleaning company's current clients can offer valuable perspectives. Follow up on any concerns raised by references, and dig deeper into potential red flags.   


Verifying strong references can provide assurance that a cleaning company delivers consistent, high-quality service. Taking this extra step protects against potential issues down the road, and helps ensure you choose the best partner for your warehouse cleaning needs.  


 Make an Informed Decision    


When reviewing and comparing quotes, look beyond just the bottom line cost. The lowest bid may not provide the same level of service, experience and reliability as a slightly higher quote. Prioritise value over the absolute lowest cost.  


Consider the company's reputation based on reviews, references, longevity in business, and professional affiliations. Weigh factors like the quality of cleaning products used, breadth of services offered, level of insurance carried, hiring practices, and customer service.   


Compare the quotes apples to apples by breaking down the per service costs. Look at what is included and excluded in each contract. Ask about potential extra fees for services like periodic floor treatments or window washing.   


Opt for a company that proactively addresses safety, provides employee training, and uses eco-friendly processes. These indicators often correspond to higher quality service.  


Don't automatically choose the lowest bid. Be an informed consumer and select the provider that offers the best overall value. That balanced combination of reasonable cost, extensive services, and reliable operations is the sweet spot for which to aim.  

If you found this resource useful and you want a reliable cleaning partner by your side to clean your warehouse, we got your back. We Perfectly Clean can do wonders with you. Reach out to us for more information.


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