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Can you guess the #1 reason people leave your gym? (Let's fix it)

It's no secret that gyms face high churn rates, with some studies estimating that up to 50% of new gym members quit within the first 6 months. But what's driving this trend, and how can gym owners reverse it?

Gym cleaning services

According to recent surveys, the No 1 reason people end up leaving a gym is cleanliness and hygiene concerns. Gym Goers care deeply about having access to clean and sanitary workout spaces and amenities. In fact, over 70% said dirty locker rooms, showers, and workout areas were deal breakers that would cause them to cancel their memberships. 

This presents a major opportunity for gyms to retain members by focusing on cleanliness and sanitation. With some adjustments to cleaning procedures and communication with members, gyms can dramatically improve satisfaction and retention rates.

Top Reason-Poor Gym Cleaning Practices

Keeping your gym clean should be your top priority. After all, cleanliness is one of the main factors that members consider when deciding whether to stick with a gym. If members feel your equipment and facilities are dirty or unhygienic, they will be quick to cancel their membership and go elsewhere. 

In surveys and interviews, former gym members consistently cite dirty conditions as a primary reason for leaving. They complain about smelly locker rooms, sweaty equipment, and a general "grungy" feeling. Even if your gym has top notch equipment and classes, a layer of grime, dust, and sweat can undermine everything.

Members expect a clean space where they can comfortably work out without worrying about germs or odours. When sanitation falls short, they question whether you really care about their experience. After all, a dirty gym signals neglect, disorganisation, and lack of pride. 

As a business owner, you must make cleanliness a top priority. This means implementing thorough daily cleaning procedures and providing supplies like disinfecting wipes. It also requires promptly addressing any problem areas members report. By tackling cleanliness issues head-on, you can retain more members over the long run.

 Why Cleanliness is Critical in Gym’s ?

Cleanliness and hygiene should be top priorities for any gym or fitness centre. The number one reason members quit their gym is often due to unclean facilities. When exercise equipment, locker rooms, and other high traffic areas are not properly cleaned, members will be dissatisfied and unlikely to renew their memberships.

Maintaining cleanliness is critical for member retention for several key reasons:

Health and safety 

Germs and bacteria thrive in gyms. Sweat, shared equipment, and high contact surfaces all contribute to an environment where illnesses can spread rapidly. Proper disinfecting and cleaning helps reduce the spread of infectious diseases like colds, flu, skin infections, and more serious conditions. Members will feel more comfortable working out in a space they know is clean.

Odour control 

Sweaty exercise equipment, dirty locker rooms, and musty studios or gyms quickly become smelly spaces that members want to avoid. Proper gym cleaning removes odours and keeps facilities smelling fresh.

Equipment maintenance

A buildup of sweat, grime, and dirt leads to damage and wear and tear over time. Proper wiping down and disinfecting of equipment after each use helps equipment last longer.

Curbing complaints

When members notice unclean conditions, they are quick to complain to staff or management. Consistent cleaning cuts down on member complaints and negative feedback.

Professional appearance 

Clean, shiny floors and organised exercise rooms give an impression of quality far more than dirty or cluttered spaces. Members expect a facility they pay for monthly to maintain high standards of cleanliness.

Neglecting proper cleaning procedures directly leads to member dissatisfaction and higher cancellation rates. To retain members over the long term, cleanliness simply cannot be compromised.

How Hiring a Professional Gym Cleaning Service Can fix it?

Hiring a professional cleaning service is one of the best ways for gyms to dramatically improve their cleanliness. Many gyms try to cut costs by handling cleaning in house with limited staff. However, the results often suffer. Gyms require specialised cleaning techniques and equipment that inhouse staff may lack. Hiring professional cleaners brings expertise and ensures cleaning is done right.

Solutions to all the Gym Cleaning Problems:

  • Deep Cleaning - Professional cleaners use industrial equipment and strong cleaners to deep clean floors, equipment, lockers, and all surfaces. This removes built up dirt and germs beyond what basic cleaning provides. Deep cleans make the gym look and feel brand new.

  • Disinfecting- Cleaners use hospital grade disinfectants and follow protocols to fully disinfect the gym and equipment. This kills illness causing germs like cold and flu viruses as well as dangerous bacteria like MRSA. Disinfecting protects members.

  • Consumables and Equipment - Cleaners bring all the necessary supplies and equipment like industrial vacuums, scrubbers, mops, gloves, cleaners, and disinfectants. Gyms don't have to invest in these items.

  • Efficiency- Experienced cleaners develop efficient systems to thoroughly clean gyms faster than untrained staff. Cleaners know techniques like zoning areas and moving systematically.

  • Consistency - With a cleaning service, gyms get consistent, high quality cleaning anytime. Cleaners follow standardised procedures during every visit. Inhouse staff may have gaps in training or differing standards.

  • Accountability - Reputable cleaning companies manage staff, provide training, and take responsibility for quality. If any issues arise, the company addresses them. With inhouse staff, the gym bears all responsibility.

Overall, hiring professional cleaners is the best way for gyms to keep members happy with pristine, sanitised facilities. It's worth the investment.

Comprehensive Deep Gym Cleaning

Deep cleaning is essential for any gym to provide a satisfactory experience for members. This involves thoroughly cleaning areas that are often overlooked or not cleaned as frequently.

For gyms, deep cleaning should include:

Scrubbing floor mats  

Gym floor mats harbour dirt, sweat, and germs. They need to be scrubbed thoroughly and disinfected regularly. This helps remove stains, odours and bacteria.

Cleaning equipment  

All gym equipment needs to be wiped down and sanitised. This includes weights, machines, benches, mats, balls, bands, etc. Get into crevices and ensure no buildup of sweat and grime.

Dusting and vacuuming  

Over time, dust accumulates on surfaces and in hard to reach areas. Vacuum all corners, under equipment, vents and radiators. Dust lights, mirrors, window sills and the tops of lockers. 

Sanitising lockers  

Lockers can get messy and dirty quickly. Remove all contents and thoroughly wipe down the interior surfaces with disinfectant. 

Scrubbing showers/bathrooms  

Use a multipurpose bathroom cleaner to scrub tile walls, floors, stalls, sinks and fixtures. Remove soap scum, mineral deposits and mildew. 

Cleaning windows and mirrors  

Over time these can get streaky and dirty. Use a glass cleaner to get them sparkling again.

Dusting ceiling fans/vents 

Use a duster with an extendable handle to remove dust buildup on hard to reach vents and fans.

Deep cleaning takes more time and effort than daily maintenance cleaning. But it's essential for improving cleanliness, removing buildup in neglected areas, and enhancing member satisfaction.

Effective Disinfecting in Gym Cleaning

Keeping equipment and high touch areas disinfected is critical for gyms. Members are constantly touching equipment, mats, lockers and more. This allows germs to easily spread if surfaces aren't properly disinfected.

Disinfecting high touch areas such as equipment, lockers, door handles, benches and more at least twice a day is recommended. Equipment should be sprayed down and wiped after each use as well. 

Using hospital grade disinfectants that kill 99.9% of germs is ideal. Disinfectant wipes should also be provided for members to use on equipment before and after use.

Proper disinfecting protocols will help significantly reduce the spread of germs and illnesses like colds, flu, and more in your gym. This keeps both your members and staff healthier.

Investing in disinfecting is one of the best things you can do. It will improve cleanliness, satisfaction and retention rates. Members will appreciate the extra efforts taken to keep your gym sanitised.

Sustaining Cleanliness with Ongoing Gym Cleaning

Keeping your gym clean should be an ongoing process, not just a one time deep clean. Members will notice and appreciate the effort. Daily and weekly cleaning maintenance is critical.

Each day, your cleaning staff should thoroughly disinfect equipment, mats, locker rooms, restrooms, and all high touch areas. Floors should be mopped and vacuumed. Garbage and recycling bins should be emptied. Supplies should be restocked. Ensuring this level of cleanliness daily will prevent buildup and keep members happy.

In addition to daily cleaning, a weekly deep clean of the entire facility is ideal. This allows for rotation of equipment to clean behind and underneath. Windows, mirrors, walls, baseboards, and other areas can be spot cleaned. Equipment and mats can be sanitised. This weekly routine will keep your gym sparkling.

Ongoing daily and weekly cleaning shows members you care and improves retention. Partnering with a professional cleaning company takes the hassle out of maintenance so you can focus on your business.

Communicating Gym Cleaning Efforts to Members

Keeping gym members informed about your cleaning efforts is a critical part of improving and maintaining satisfaction. When members are aware of the work done behind the scenes to keep the facility clean, they feel more confident and comfortable using the equipment and spaces.  

There are a few ways to effectively communicate with members about cleaning:

Send out emails detailing cleaning procedures. 

Explain what gets cleaned, how often, and what products are used. This transparency helps build trust.

Post signage about cleaning in the gym: 

Quick reminders reassure members that surfaces are disinfected regularly.  

Feature cleaning staff:

Let members know who cleans the gym by introducing cleaning crew members. This gives a face to the efforts.

Share real time updates:

If doing a deep clean or special disinfecting session, post on social media to inform members.  

Listen to feedback:

Keep an open line of communication to hear if members have cleanliness concerns and address them promptly.

Proper communication about cleaning initiatives enhances the member experience. When kept in the loop about the work done to maintain clean and sanitary facilities, members feel more valued. A clean gym is a gym members want to keep coming back to.

Encouraging Action for Better Gym Cleaning

As we've discussed, lack of cleanliness is the number one reason members leave gyms. But it doesn't have to be this way. By partnering with a professional cleaning service, gym owners can dramatically improve cleanliness and member satisfaction.

The first step is scheduling a deep clean and disinfection of your entire facility. Allow the cleaning crew to scrub and sanitise every surface, giving your gym the fresh start it deserves. You'll be amazed at the difference this makes.

But don't stop there. Work with the cleaning service to establish an ongoing maintenance plan. Daily cleaning of high traffic areas, restocking of soap and sanitizer dispensers, trash removal, and spot cleaning of mirrors and equipment will keep your gym sparkling. 

Communicate these improvements to your members. Send email updates showcasing the deep clean and enhanced cleaning procedures. Make sure members see staff tidying throughout the day. They'll appreciate your commitment to cleanliness.

A clean gym prevents members from leaving and improves satisfaction. Take action today by contacting the Perfectly Clean professional cleaning service team. Your members will thank you. 


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